Richard Guay
P.O. Box 36
Tak 63000
phone: 01-556-6057

Church Responsibilities:

We started in Chiangmai learning the Thai language. Eight months before our first furlough, we moved to Tak, Thailand to help in Tak Baptist Church with a Thai national pastor. After our first furlough, we moved to Bangkok to study more Thai and Thai sign language. During that time, the Thai paster in Tak closed the church and left. After passing the 6th grade proficiency test in Thai, we moved to Tak to start a new church. July of 2006, we started Light Baptist Church in Tak, Thailand. We are currently teaching English for free with a Bible lesson afterwards at the Church, public schools, and the prison.


Responsibilities: We had been conducting services once a week for those that can not leave the building to make it to a local church.

Responsibilities: I had been recording and coping tapes of Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night messages and sending them to those that can not make services. The list includes the elderly, prisoners, and some who were in the army.

Responsibilities: My wife and I taught the Junior class which consists of children 9 – 12 years of age.

Secular Employment History:

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of ASICs for contracted companies and the management of the office networks. The network was a heterogeneous network of IBM PC compatibles running a mixture of Linux, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Sun Sparcstation 2 running SunOS connected to the Internet through a T1 link. We also had two dial-ups for mobile employee’s use. I was responsible for firewall setup and maintenance. Also maintained the WEB, FTP, POP3 email and voice mail server. Developed a gateway from voice mail to email and a way to remotely launch programs by email. Both programs were in Java.

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of the Res-Q ACD medical device interface for the Rx-2000 medical device programmer. Did extensive work with meeting facilitation, research into new methods of arrhythmia control using neural networks, documentation standards to meet FDA guidelines, and programming in the PACE language for the Rx-2000.

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of low-level software drivers, high level control programs, and the design of 4 of the cards in the Muse Mastering console. Also, in charge of on site customer maintenance for the Muse Mastering console.

Responsibilities: Design and implementation of the Chapter 13 management software. Implementation of the Library Management software and low-level drivers for the bar-code scanner. Design and implementation of a menu system for the Medical Office management software written in the C programming language on a UNIX platform.

Responsibilities: Final drafting of electrical wiring in buildings and duplication of blueprints.


Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering


classes in Linguistics

Bachelors of Theology

Programming Languages:

I have written programs using JavaScript, PHP, Java, SQL, Tcl/Tk, Python, C, C++, Guile (a version of Scheme), Rep (a version of Lisp), Lisp, Prolog, Perl, Awk, Smalltalk, Fortran, 4Gen (a database management language), Modula 2, Pascal, Basic, Forth, PACE (a forth type language), and assembly language of several processor types. These are listed in the order of recent usage. I have most frequently programmed in JavaScript, PHP, Java, C++, and C. I am also skilled in HTML WEB page design and associated programming.


Operating Systems:

I have managed and written programs under the following operating systems: every version of Microsoft Windows, Sun OS, Unix, Qnix, and many generations of Linux. I currently use Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7.