Josiah & Sarah's Going Home Celebration

Last picture of Josiah.

"Oh, Rejoice in the Lord, He makes no mistakes" the verses of one of Josiah's favorite songs keeps going through my mind. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28. Everything that happens is God's will, no matter if we understand it or not.

Saturday night as we were traveling home from Matthew and Raht's wedding, Marah was driving the gray car behind me as I drove the white car (the older car). As Marah was passing a tracker trailer truck, the truck crossed over the lane beside Marah. Marah corrected and the left back tire blew out. The blowout caused the car to go into a spin and then flip. As it flipped, Sarah and Josiah was thrown out of the car side windows. Sarah died in Marah's lap there at the scene, but Josiah died four hours later in a hospital an hour away from us. Elisabeth was alone with him as his earthly home took it's last breath. I was far ahead by the time anyone could call me (I had already gotten ahead due to the traffic). As I drove back to the site, the Lord said that all was okay and Josiah and Sarah were with Him. Two months ago, as Sarah and I were driving home from taking kids home from church, Sarah cried out to me "Daddy, I am going to die and I am not saved!" So I stopped the car and led her to the Lord. Somehow, she knew and has been hugging me more than usually. I still feel her hugs, see her dimpled cheeks, hear Josiah's jokes and playing the ranat ek (A Thai musical instrument) while singing his songs.

Last picture of Sarah.

Kristi broke her collar-bone, and everyone else got minor cuts and bruises. No one should have survived, but the Lord knew who he wanted to take home, and who needs to be here telling others about Jesus. Their biggest dream was to ride horses. For the last month, a man I have witnessed to asked to leave his horses with us and to make sure the little ones get to ride them all they wanted. Jesus worked out their greatest dream while we least suspected the future. “All of his works are known from the beginning”! Praise the Lord, oh my soul, Praise the Lord!

We are all very sad, but have such a bitter-sweat peace that has no explanation other than the Lord’s hugging us. Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages.

The home going celebration was on Thursday, 12/20/2012, at 1:00 pm (Thai Time, 1:00 am EST). There were over 200 people at the celebration, most of them lost. Please pray for the Lord to continue to work in their hearts to lead them to Him. My older sister has made a profession of faith just a few days after the wreck. Please pray for more people to come to know the Lord!

If you know anyone who has trusted in the Lord or has been called to the mission field because of this story, please email me, leave a comment below, or let us know on Facebook. I will total it here so that others can see and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. It was their desire to see others get saved and serve the Lord.

Number Saved: 4 people
Number called to Missions: 1 person

Below, we have the videos from the Home Going Celebration at the church and at the grave site. You can also download the full video.

Celebration at the church

Josiah & Sarah's Going Home Celerbration from Richard & Kristi Guay on Vimeo.

The original video file for download (right click on link and select “Save As..”).

Celebration at the grave site

The original video file for download (right click on link and select “Save As..”).

If you joined us for the celebration real time, on this page, or just want to give us a note, please just add it bellow.

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